What will be like the next day depends on professional skills of those who will replace people working today. For the solving of this question our own education programs «Personnel for the industry» and «Industrial-educational complex» exist.

Every year about 200 graduates of primary, secondary and higher professional institutions start their career on Rostselmash. Hundreds of graduates get a job at farms which operate our machinery and at our service centers.

Specialization and the quality of education do not always meet company requirements. In order to improve this situation, to influence the quality of education and to improve the image of blue-collar jobs and engineers, since 2003 Rostselmash began to revise the policy of relations with educational institutions, shifting from quantity to quality.

In 2005 «Personnel for the industry» program was started, it is an education project on the federal level aimed at improving the image of agro-engeneering education in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. Each year tens of the best students from all over the country from Blagoveshchensk to Mahachkala began to visit Rostov for training. Agro-engineering educational institutions received over 1000 poster sets devoted to various combine harvesters models and a great number of multimedia materials in order to study Rostselmash machinery.

In 2007 Rostselmash established new education program named «Industrial-educational complex», primary objective of which is to set a regional model of constructive interaction with educational institutions of all levels (general, professional and special education) in order to train demanded practice-oriented workers and experts.

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