Rostselmash is a group of companies that consists of 12 enterprises with assembly facilities located in Russia, USA, Canada, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Total turnover exceeds 1 billion dollars. Rostselmash holds strong position within the five world leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Over 11 000 people speaking different languages and working in various time zones are working in the group of companies. For example, when a working day comes to end in Russia, Canada and USA take the baton to hand it at the end of the day... Rostselmash means 17 types of agricultural machinery, that is over 100 models and modifications, 26 countries purchasing our machinery and over 500 dealers all over the world. Perhaps Rostselmash is the first Russian company of the non-oil and gas sector which became a transnational company.

We improve the well-being of agrobusiness professionals by offering efficient solutions for agricultural works. Rostselmash is guided by the aim to produce the most efficient machinery ensuring minimal costs for customers, meeting all modern performance and quality requirements and providing prompt service and spare parts delivery. 

All these are attained due to the constantly improving the company processes, establishing well-ordered personal-aided working environment and increasing employees' responsibility for product quality. 

We consider professional opinion, that is why we know for sure what kind of machinery is demanded by agriculture today.

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