Company history

1929First products were made by Rostselmash which were further transferred to the government. Rostselmash's birthday.

1931First Stalinets combines harvester were produced. In 1937 Stalinets-1 was awarded with the highest award (Grand Prix diploma) during the World Industrial Exhibition in Paris.

194050-thousandth Stalinets-1 combine was assembled.

1941War. Evacuation. Rostselmash begins to dismantle equipment and sends it to Tashkent.

1943Forces of the Southern Front set Rostov free. Preparation and military goods production was commenced, repairing of tanks, tractors and vehicles was organized.

1947New Stalinets-6 combines harvester were assembled.

1955Rostselmash began to specialize in grain harvester production.

1958Production of the first SK-3 self-propelled combines was established.

1962Rostselmash launched production of the new combine — SK-4.

1969Rostselmash produced 1 000 000 combine harvesters.

1973The plant started to produce SK Niva combines.

1984Rostselmash produced 2 000 000 combines.

1986Mass production of the famous Don series combine harvesters was started.

1992The plant being a state enterprise was reorganized into opened joint-stock company.

2000Rostselmash plant became a private company.

2005Rostselmash was awarded a medal during SIMA-2005 innovation contest (France).

2007Rostselmash purchased tractor plant in Canada — Buhler VERSATILE.

2008Klever became a part of Rostselmash, this company produces forage trailed and mounted equipment.

2009Rostselmash purchased a part of Red Ball assets in order to develop sprayer production.

2010Assets of Feterl Manufacturing Corp. were purchased.

2010Rostselmash model range comprises 18 types of agricultural machinery and over 100 models and modifications of combine harvesters, tractors, forage trailed and mounted equipment, machinery for grain storage and processing.

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