23 December 2010

New painting line

Taking into consideration worldwide trends in agricultural engineering development and wishes of our customers, “Rostselmash” company moves to new painting procedure using two-component paint materials. It provides surface coating thickness of about 1000 µm that corresponds to up-to-date European standard.

Implementation of new technologies results in increase of corrosion resistance and other production performance characteristics as well as significant improvement of appearance. High glossy coating has always been considered to be a sign of good form. Due to implementation of high-filled multilayer coating based on combination of two-component materials painted parts will have their own full colour and in case of contact with painted harvester reliability and integrity of coating will be guaranteed.

The required level of production corrosion resistance is provided because each part passes several processing phases: degreasing, phosphatizing, and stages of special washing. Afterwards priming comes by means of two-component epoxy primer and finish coating by two-component polyurethane enamel. Each layer is made for each other and has controlled thickness and good adhesion to metal being protected. Three layer painting system has been selected in such a way that each layer is an important guarantee of getting high corrosion resistance.

To provide the specified level of corrosion resistance and other quality parameters the company has moved to high quality components of surface preparation by Henkel company and paint materials by PPG Industrials, which are suppliers of their products for world manufacturers of cars: trucks MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA and motor cars GM, Toyota as well as agricultural equipment John Deere, CNH, Claas. Besides PPG Industrials is a longstanding partner of Versatile company. Fourteen special units produced by GRACO have been also purchased for applying two-component paint materials. These are units of in-line mixing, providing exact dosing of material components for their saving and complying with quality standard.

Transition to new technologies has influenced not only painting production of Rostselmash. To protect facing parts the company uses the most advanced technology of priming under current – electrophoresis, and to protect welding joints at assembly welding on weld areas current-conducting primers with improved resistance have been used.

It allows increasing service life of painted surfaces especially in moderate and cold climate.

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