21 July 2009

Rostov Foundry started production of high-duty cast iron

Rostov foundry, a part of Rostselmash group of companies, started the production high-duty cast iron products. Modern founding hardware «Inductorterm» has been started. The investments in the technical reequipment of Rostov Foundry cost 66 million rub.

«Rostov foundry is the main Rostselmash supplier of foundry goods, it supply more then 500 different kinds of casting blocks. Due to this the participation in the reequipment is first of all the investment in cost saving and improving of our products”, - said Valery Maltzev, CEO of Rostselmash company.

Installation of modern foundry equipment «Inductorterm» has become the most important production modernization project for a few years. It is planned that first of all the production of malleable cast iron will be transferred to the high-duty cast iron, that meets worldwide quality requirements. High-duty cast iron is notable by it’s plasticity, durability and low cost. With the start-up of the new equipment complex the competitiveness of Rostov Foundry has been much increased, and the manufacturer became one of the leaders of the market because of new equipment and high efficient technologies.

American corporation «Inductorterm» - the world leading producer of founding equipment - was the partner of this project. From New Jersey 2 medium frequency induction furnace with 2 crucibles with 2 tons capacity were delivered to Rostov-on-Don.

Assembling of equipment had been finished in May, 2009, in the June the tests had been held, and in July Rostov Foundry started mastering of new high-duty cast iron foundry goods for 108 components.

The cost of this project was 66 million pf rub., pay-back period – 3 years. The productivity of new complex – 6 tons per of liquid cast iron per hour.

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